Nano Crystal Hydrophobic Coating

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Nanonxtrem Crystal Surface Protection has available a selection of Non-Slip decorative coatings, for all types of uses. innovative, superior decorative, anti-slip coating system in a variety of different colours.


Main Ingredients

Nano Silica, Nano Titanium Dioxide, Water and Other Solvent.


Anti-scratches with hardness of 6HSuper Hydrophobic Easy Cleaning2 – 3 Years Durability

Application Fields

Painted Surfaces, Glass, Ceramic Plates, Metal Surfaces, Solar Panels, Plastic … etc.

Application Method

 1. Please use car shampoo or glass cleaner and water to clean and remove any grease, contamination and dirt on the surface, then dry with a microfiber towel.


2. Use two pieces white dust-free paper wrapping over the sponge applicator.


3. Drop some HC-101 to wet the dust-free paper.


4. Use the sponge applicator to wipe up and down evenly on a 40x20cm area, 6-8 times quickly until there are no visible traces or strips left.


5. If the temperature is above 20 Celsius degree, leave the treated substrate to dry for 10-15 minutes naturally.  6. Please seal and close the bottle tightly and clean the sponge applicator with ethanol ready for the next use.

Shelf life at cool and dry places12 months in original package.

Special NotesKeep out of children’s reach.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg



Pro-Max V-Type




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